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ADA Accessibility:


The Credit Union is committed to ensuring accessibility of our website, coffcu.org (‘Website’), to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. The Credit Union is implementing changes to improve basic menu navigation and labeling in order to provide a simple and effortless navigation experience for visitors using screen-reading software for Web browsing. We will continue to research and implement solutions that will enhance our website in the areas of accessible and universal design. There are portions of the Website that may not meet the accessibility standards, these include areas with rich media elements using embedded YouTube video players and the Adobe Flash plug-in.

We have added a number of accessibility features. These features complement the use of assistive technologies and help make the Website usable to the broadest possible audience, everyone from those who use assistive technologies to those with a low-end browser or computer. We do not provide assistive technology applications or browsers. Please visit the individual manufacturer’s site for information on how to obtain those.

General Information

If you have any issues using our website, or any suggestions on how accessibility may be improved, please use the Locations link on the top of every page to find our locations and contact information. We also provide a link back to this ADA Accessibility page near the bottom of each page. We welcome feedback on how accessibility can be improved and any issues or complaints you may have.

All pages either contain or will contain a 'ADA/Printer Friendly' link for users who use speech browsers or who wish to only view the content of any single page. PDF type documents referenced on our website will display in another window and use the browser's built-in technology for pdf viewers, such as Adobe PDF Reader and the accessibility features therein.

Visual Design

This web site uses Cascading Style Sheets 'CSS' to control the presentation. Turning off the style sheet will affect the visual presentation and may affect the functionality of the site for some users.

Changing Text Sizes and Zoom features

This Website's CSS uses font sizes compatible with the user-specified 'text size' option in visual browsers. The website is zoomable using the browser's standard zoom feature which will not adversely affect the overall functionality of the website.

Links and Images

Necessary links were assigned 'TITLE' attributes to describe the target in greater detail. Users of assistive technology may wish to set screen reader options to take full advantage of this feature. Images used in this site include a descriptive 'ALT' attribute. Those images which are purely decorative or used for layout may include a null 'ALT' attribute.


Tables used in the Website include 'SUMMARY' attributes to describe the table in greater detail.


If you use special adaptive equipment and encounter problems when using this website, please contact the credit union directly at:

1120 South Main Street
Kokomo, IN 46902
Toll Free: 800-310-0905

Additional accessibility resources and assistance are available at www.ADA.gov. Once you navigate outside of this website, the accessibility features might not necessarily be implemented.


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For ADA Accessibility services call the credit union directly at: 765-454-5590 or Toll Free: 800-310-0905.
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